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M & G

Our family is beyond thankful for the ministry the Lord has given us in our city.  We are incredibly blessed to work alongside a great national pastor and his wife and to be part of one of only a handful of churches in our country.  The Lord is doing amazing things in our midst and in the region that we serve.  Daily, people are reading the Bible for the first time, watching a film about Jesus on the internet, or downloading a sermon from YouTube.  However, everywhere you see such an obvious work of the Lord you can also find persecution and hardship.  

As you pray for our ministry today, please lift up these requests:

Day two


  • Praise the Lord for new lighthouses opening in Stown and Çtown this past year.

  • Pray for leadership training among a handful of local believers as we prepare them to step up and take the gospel to the next generation.

  • Pray for opportunities and obedience to share the gospel daily with those who haven’t heard. Pray that the gospel would always be on our lips and that the lives we live would be a testimony to what we believe.

  • Pray for Atown where we would like to see new works started in the coming year. Pray for people in Atown to be open to the gospel and to believe in faith. Pray for freedom to gather those believers in groups without oppression from the authorities.

  • Pray for our local national partner/pastor and his wife, O & G. Pray that the Lo would sustain them, pray for their own spiritual walk and growth, pray for their faithfulness and fruitfulness.

  • Pray against the efforts of the enemy to slander the church and its leaders. Pray that the Lord would protect the testimony of his children and that the enemy would have no foothold here.

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