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Our Purpose:

  • To provide care, education, and developmental opportunities in a Christian atmosphere where each child can reach his or her greatest potential.

  • To provide a program of ministry and outreach to families.

Our Philosophy:

  • The home is where fundamental teaching of responsibility and accountability are taught, and it should be the model for Christian living.  The church is the place where we learn from God's Word and worship.  The school meant to prepare children and educate them for life.  These three major influences must complement each other.

  • We believe there is only One true living God and that He is loving and just.

  • We believe Jesus Christ is God's Son.

  • We believe that each child is a unique individual.  

  • We believe that children deserve to be children and learn through play.

  • We believe that parents are the most significant adults in a child's life.

  • We believe that learning is a sequential process and that children grow and develop at their own rate.

  • We believe that the strength of our program is in the dedication of our teaching staff.

Preschool Curriculum

  • Our curriculum is guided by the WEE Learn curriculum.

  • It is designed to promote and capitalize on a child's natural love for learning.

  • We have activities to help each child develop language, reading, writing, and math skills appropriate to his/her stage of development.

  • We have developmentally appropriate activities which involve discovery, experiments, peer interaction, and learning centers.

  • PLAY is an important component of our preschool curriculum.  Research confirms that a child's emotional, cognitive, physical, social, and spiritual growth are best developed through play.

  • We have a media center where children can check out books.

  • We offer physical education with indoor and outdoor activities.

  • There is a music and movement class with two performances a year.

  • We teach Bible education and verse memorization.

  • Computers are in each class to enhance learning.