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Noonday's Story

Many recognizable names from the community were preachers, teachers and pillars of this church including E.T. Booth, Latimer, Blackwell and McClesky. The church site was used as a Hospital during the Civil War, endured racial conflict during the 1920's, and experienced growth and unity during the construction of 11 different buildings. The 1918 Chapel stands today as a testament to the unchanging faithfulness and mercy of our Lord.

Noonday Church was founded in June 1835, almost 180 years ago, just about a mile from our current location.  The 12 original members of Noonday were so moved by the grace of God in their lives that they felt compelled to join together to worship and share the Gospel in their community.  Through the decades, God has been faithful as Noonday has faced and endured many hardships and challenges. 

After 180 years of ministry, Noonday stands today as a testimony of God's unending grace.  



We invite you to experience this same grace and mercy and to become a lasting part of Noonday's story.


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