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Wow...just wow!

Sorry we haven't posted in a while! We just didn't have access to wifi and we've had some really loooooong days. I really don't even know if I can convey in words how God has been working here. We've fallen in love with the local people here that are reaching into their own communities with God's love. As we've partnered with them, we've been humbled by their love and work in the places where they live. God has really moved over the last couple of days. In a place where missionaries have not had a single person saved in their entire ministry here, many people have been saved or asked for in home visits to explain Jesus and the Bible. We've been in these home sharing the gospel and leading Bible studies. We've encountered spiritual warfare in ways that you only read about in books. Even Joel, our partner missionary here, said he'd never encountered the spiritual opposition and attacks that we've encountered.

We also had an amazing opportunity happen that only God could have made happen. The teachers were on strike on Tuesday at the public school. But the teachers came to school to let us present the gospel to the kids through the stories of creation and the flood. The kids were so attentive and it was a great door opener for the local church and members.

Porto Alegre and the surrounding communities have been dedicated to satan by the officials and the spiritists actively practice witchcraft. But God is at work in amazing ways. I can't even begin to tell you how much we appreciate your prayers as we've been working. Continue to pray for us as we finish out our time here. It's already been hard saying goodbye to the people we've fallen in love with. Also, actively pray for the local people that will continue to follow up with the movement of God in this dark place. They need us all to be actively praying for them.

Can you tell we're fired up?? We will never be the same after seeing what God has done here. To God Be The Glory.

We fly out tomorrow night at 11:30pm and arrive back in Atlanta late afternoon. We are looking forward to seeing our families and to worshiping with our church family on Sunday.

The Catholic church is a big influence here. The religion is heavily mixed in with the satanic spritism in the culture.

Anli and Virginia teaching creation at the Public School with Tamara translating. The gospel was clearly shared!

The city center has been dedicated to spiritism and has an amulet that is where witch doctors will make sacrifices. We spent time praying over this market place and the city.

Worshiping in Portuguese at the end of a Bible study where many newly saved people came to hear more about Jesus. The Holy Spirit was so present that we didn't want to leave and stayed late into the night singing, praying and talking together.

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