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impressionante sábado!

Yes.....that's a rooster. The church had a chicken and rooster in a cage in the space where we ate. This is one of the kids that we had in our afternoon program.

Today was an amazing day! This weekend there is a big festival celebrating the Gauchos (Brazilian equivalent to cowboys) history and culture. This is the people group that we are working with here in Brazil. The church plant we're partnering with used this opportunity to invite the neighborhood people to a special event at the church tonight. Today we went through the neighborhood inviting people to a children's event in the afternoon, a service in the evening and a Brazilian barbecue after the service. We also went into people's homes presenting the gospel. Several accepted Christ and many requested Bible studies to be held later in their homes. The missionaries and local church people were blown away with the openness and responses we received. The event tonight was packed full and people were even standing outside to hear the gospel. God really used the team in a powerful was as they shared their testimonies and the gospel today. It was special and emotional seeing the American team singing in English while the Brazilians sang in Portuguese.....all worshiping our great God.

We will miss our church family tomorrow and are praying for everyone back home! Oh, and the title says 'Awesome Saturday' for those that don't speak Portuguese.

Emily sharing her testimony in the evening service with Tamara translating. God used her story in a powerful way!

The team with Joel and Tamara, our missionary hosts. This is the outdoor fellowship area beside the church.

The view from where we're staying in Porto Alegre.

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