Our Team

Day Six

Pray for our Team:


After 5 years of being the only IMB unit in Rio Grande Do Sul, our team is growing. This year we received the Miles family who are expecting a baby in April, and we received a new Journey-girl, Kiana Lee. These team members bring new ideas and fire to Team Gaucho and our work is being transformed in wonderful ways. We are expecting one more family next year.


Please pray specifically today for these things:

Our IMB Team in Porto Alegre:

  • That our love for one another will continue to grow as our trust deepens and God will be glorified as others see us working as a unit to accomplish the task set before us. That they would know we are His disciples by our love for one another.

  • For baby Miles to arrive safely, to come to know Jesus early and to find peace living between two cultures. That the Miles family will continue to adapt well and find good friends. That they will invest well in the lives of others and their lives and marriage will always point to Jesus.

  • For Kiana to continue to grow in her walk and to continue to reflect the character and love of Jesus. That her influence and impact would grow among students and young adults. That she would transition well back to Hawaii in October 2019.

  • For the new families that will join Team Gaucho in 2019. That they would transition and adapt well and see the Gaucho people through the eyes of Christ.

  • That God would continue to grow our team, specifically, that He would send a team to follow Kiana in her university work and that He would send an experienced person to expand the work in rural areas supporting our isolated national pastors and churches to grow new church plants throughout the state.

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