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The Whitentons

Please pray specifically today for these things:

  • God would lift up leaders from the harvest. They would be committed men who can lead and teach others as they live transformed lives.

  • God would form our team (IMB and Nationals) according to His time and with those that He has appointed to serve in this place.

  • Anaka (a young lady who will serve with us as a semester intern) will find a place to serve and grow in her faith as she works alongside us Jan-May.

  • God would give us clear vision and partners for the University ministry that will continue making disciples after Kiana ends her term at the end of 2020.

  • Joel and I would end our term well and transition to a time of rest and refreshment in the US at the end of 2020.

Our Team (Team Gaucho) has gone through some difficult transitions this year. The Miles baby was born just a little early and this made for an even more difficult transition into parenthood. They decided that they should return to the US and left our team in August. This left a big hole in our hearts and in our team. God sent us another single lady to serve with us long term, but after just a few weeks she also decided that she needed to return to the US. We were invited to partner with Brazilian missionary partners and were looking forward to planting another new church here in the city…but it was necessary for one of them to return to her home and the other was diverted to another city. Finally, we had a dear ministry partner step away from church leadership to resolve some family issues. So, while we have celebrated many victories this year, we have also taken some pretty tough fiery arrows.



Day Six - Our Team

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