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One of the greatest joys of our ministry is being able to partner with an amazing pastor and his wife and also for the amazing team God has assembled here in our city.  Working alongside a national partner is invaluable when trying to start a new church in such a dark place.  Our pastor and his family have endured unimaginable things in the almost 10 years they have served in this city.  They have become our closest friends, really more like family.  We have also, in the past year, been blessed with great teammates.  


As you pray today, please lift up these specific things:

Day 3

Our Team

  • Pray for the larger team that we lead which covers more than ¼ of our country and is made up of 8 families. Pray for wisdom in directing the strategy and vision for our region.

  • Pray for families to be called to serve in our area and for them to be obedient to the call God has place on their lives. Pray for the 2 young ladies who will join us in the next year and for their assimilation to life in a new place. Pray also for a family to join us in our city as our very close teammates have had to return to the states for medical reasons.

  • Pray for peace and stability in the country we live in. That political turmoil would not affect our ability to stay in this country or our freedom to share the gospel and gather for worship. We will renew our residence permits in the coming year and that is a huge request.

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