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Day Four

Our family has enjoyed a season of immense blessings this past year.


Please pray specifically today for these things:

Joel and Tamara:

  • Joel and Tamara have had a season of highest highs (opening a new church plant) and lowest lows (losing team members) in our work this year. We are looking forward to an empty nest with anticipation and growing in our relationship with each other.  In addition to the Missionary task, Tamara is studying to take her board exam and reinstate her Speech Pathology license. Please pray that Joel will lead our family and our team well through this time of transitions and that God will give him restful refreshment and vision to finish this term strong. Please pray for Tamara's health to be well managed to allow her to complete all of the tasks that God has ordained for her. Please pray that she will find productive study time and that she will be able to pass her exam in Feb. Please pray that this license will help to better serve our team, MKs, and M families.


  • Davis has transferred to University of North Florida and found his place there. He was able to do a study abroad program in Argentina during the summer and he will be doing another study abroad and internship in Spain next year. He is looking at a graduation date in Dec. of 2020. Please join us in praying for safe travels and a wonderful experience as he studies in Spain. Please pray that God will continue to speak to his heart and that Davis will be sensitive to listen as he makes major life choices this next year.


  • Chandler is in her Junior year at University of Florida studying Public Health. She is working to be accepted into a Masters program. She has found her "people" and is really blossoming in her college life. Please pray for her (and for us) as we will spend our first Christmas apart this year. Please pray for her friendship with F., a new believer and her best friend. Please pray that as Chandler walks through a difficult season in F.s life she can point her to growing faith in Jesus and both girls will grow more and more in His image.


  • Connor is completing his Senior year of high school and preparing to return to the U.S. He is currently awaiting acceptance from University of Central Florida to attend there in the fall to study I.T. / computer engineering. This final year of high school comes with so many transitions and feelings, please pray that we can all process it well and that he can transition well.  

The Whitentons

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