Day Four

Pray for our Family:


Our nest has been emptying over the past few years which keeps us in a state of transition.  Our 2 oldest children are now in college back in Florida and one is still here in Porto Alegre in his Junior year. Tamara's health is improving and our recent move to a smaller home have both been blessings.  Joel is doing well moving into his role as team leader and, in spite of an upcoming minor surgery, is pressing forward full force.


Please pray specifically today for these things:


  • That her health would continue to improve.

  • That as her responsibilities as a mom decrease and her time in ministry increases that she would not lose the intimacy with God that she has enjoyed during her recuperation time.


  • That his surgery for kidney stones would go well and his recuperation would be quick and complete.

  • That he would lead our team and our family well as he is facing transitions and his 50th birthday.


  • That he will transition well moving to University of North Florida in Jacksonville as he meets a new roommate, searches for a job, and learns a new city and campus.

  • That God will direct his path and put friends around him who are seeking to glorify Jesus.


  • That she will find the career path that God has ordained for her and she will seek His direction.

  • That she will find others to walk with who are seeking God as well.

  • That she will find a safe and affordable car and for safety as she continues to gain driving experience.


  • That he will stand firm in his convictions as he is bombarded with ideologies that are contrary to God's Word.

  • That he will finish this school year well and  build a college resume that would reflect his passions, talents and abilities.

  • That he would make good choices and be protected as he matures and gains independence to navigate our city alone.

The Whitentons

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