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"Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying:  Who should I send?  Who will go for Us?  I said:  Here I am.  Send me"

Isaiah 6:8

The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering will be received the entire month of March with our emphasis offering date on March 20th.  To give, you can use the envelope found in the back of each pew chair or use your regular giving envelope and indicate "AAEO" on the outside.





The North American Mission Board Week of Prayer is an opportunity for churches to join in prayer for the work of missionaries who share the love, hope, joy, and peace that can only be found through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ with the lost and hurting of the United States and Canada.  It's also a time to reflect on giving to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering that supports them.


Click here:                                      to go to the Annie Armstrong website to

learn more about these missionaries and how you can pray for them.

NAMB Week of Prayer:  February 29 - March 6, 2016

The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (AAEO) is critical for advancing the gospel message throughout North America.  This is an important opportunity for churches, like ours, to participate in sharing the gospel with those who are not yet believers.  The North American Mission Board (NAMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention has 5,000 missionaries and 1,700 student missionaries serving in North America.  These men and women are working daily to plant churches and share the gospel message.  The AAEO funds 49% of the NAMB annual budget each year.   In addition to sending money directly to the NAMB, Noonday sends 25% of our AAEO directly to New City Church (NCC), a church plant of the NAMB in New York City.   We have been privileged to partner with NCC from its beginning and have sent three missionary teams to work with them.  Mission trips are a great way for our church to help, but a financial contribution is also critical for their growth and success as a church plant.  Please be in prayer as to what the Lord would have you give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering this year.


Click on the video below for a ministry update from New City Church:

This year, Noonday is setting aside a week of prayer specifically for our church missionary partners:  


Pastor Al Gilbert and Bridgeway Church in Alpharetta, Georgia

More than 70 percent of the Southern Baptist churches in North America have plateaued or are declining in number. The Send North America strategy of the North American Mission Board (NAMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention is designed to reverse this trend.  The North American Mission Board desires to help push back lostness.  The two main strategies for accomplishing this goal are increasing the birth rate of new churches (a process called church planting) while decreasing the death rate of existing churches (a process called revitalization).  Revitalization is replanting an new church in a dying church.


“Why Replant?” That is a question many people ask.  If we are going to push back lostness effectively we need to slow the death rate of our churches.  Each Sunday, 17 Southern Baptist churches shut their doors for good.  They don’t find themselves in that situation overnight, so we believe that we can slow the death rate if we do two things: 1) discover men called by God to replant churches, and  2) discover churches in need of being replanted.


At Noonday we are partnering with our former Interim Pastor, Al Gilbert, as he leads a revitalization effort at Bridgeway Baptist Church in Alpharetta.  We will work alongside Al and the church body to help them once again become a thriving church making a gospel impact on their community.  Days One and Two of our week of prayer will focus on the needs of Bridgeway Baptist Church:


                                                     Pray MAR 14th                                             Pray MAR 15th 



New City Church in Long Island City, New York

Noonday has partnered with this church plant for the past three years.  This year, we will once again give 25% of our Annie Armstrong Easter Offering to support their ministry to spread the gospel in New York.  Join with us as we pray on Day Three for the needs of the church, Day Four for the needs of their Team, and Day Five for the needs of the Thompson Family.


                 Pray MAR 16th                                             Pray MAR 17th                                            Pray MAR 18th



Noonday Week of Prayer:  March 14 - March 18, 2016

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